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    • Thursday, March 9th, is National Slam the Scam Day. This is a day designated by the Social Security Administration to heighten awareness on scams perpetrated by fraudsters pretending to be employees of the Social Security Administration. Scammers mention a problem or a prize. They may ask for your Social Security number or other information to…

      2+ weeks ago
    • After his re-election in 2004, President George W. Bush made reforming Social Security his #1 domestic agenda.   He proposed phasing out Social Security in favor of individual retirement accounts that could be invested in the stock market. Despite a strong push by lobbyists for the investment industry, the support both publicly and in Congress…

      a month+ ago


    • Summer 2021 Newsletter STILL STANDING…AND PRACTICING I published the first issue of Social Security & You in Spring of 1993.  Some years I’ve published more issues than others.  The most recent issue was dated Spring 2019: over 2 years ago.  The world was a much different place then.  Especially for me.  Read the full newsletter…

      a year+ ago
    • Spring 2019 Newsletter An Opioid Story I’ve changed his name. Let’s call him Gerald. He was a laborer. And by that I don’t mean that he just did physical work. He was a card-carrying member the Labor’s Union local. And that meant a lot to him. I represented him for Social Security disability and Michigan…

      3+ years ago


    In 1999 I moved from Detroit to Ann Arbor. A year later I had to move my office when the landlord didn’t renew my lease in the City-Center Bldg. on Huron. That led to a 5 year sub-lease arrangement on Liberty with legendary feminist attorney, Jean Ledwith King.

    In 2005 the new landlord did not renew Jean’s lease. I was fortunate to land a spot sharing space with 3 other attorneys, back in the City Center Bldg.

    Their lease was up in February of this year and in view of the rising rents in downtown Ann Arbor we explored alternatives. We landed in a small professional complex out by I-94, near Briarwood Mall. The new space is larger, cheaper and affords us the benefit of free parking just a few yards from our suite; a benefit for us and for our clients.

    So instead of fighting traffic into downtown Ann Arbor, hunting for a parking space, paying to park and hiking a few blocks to my office, my clients can exit I-94 at the Ann Arbor-Saline Road exit 175 drive north a couple hundred yards to Eisenhower Parkway, turn right and then turn right into the driveway leading to Applebee’s parking lot. Our suite is 110 in the back.


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    • State Bar of Michigan
    • Washtenaw County Bar Association
    • National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives

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