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    • The maximum attorney fee for successful Social Security Claimant representatives has been $6,000 since 2009. The fee set by law is 25% of the accrued benefit or the fee cap; whichever is less. Now Social Security has raised the fee cap to $7,200, effective November 30, 2022.

      4 days ago
    • Social Security recipients saw a 5.9% increase in their benefits this year due to inflation in 2021. As prices continue to soar in 2022, the Senior Citizens League is projecting an even higher hike in 2023. Based upon the inflation numbers through March of this year, Social Security benefits could rise as much as 7.6%…

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    • Summer 2021 Newsletter STILL STANDING…AND PRACTICING I published the first issue of Social Security & You in Spring of 1993.  Some years I’ve published more issues than others.  The most recent issue was dated Spring 2019: over 2 years ago.  The world was a much different place then.  Especially for me.  Read the full newsletter…

      a year+ ago
    • Spring 2019 Newsletter An Opioid Story I’ve changed his name. Let’s call him Gerald. He was a laborer. And by that I don’t mean that he just did physical work. He was a card-carrying member the Labor’s Union local. And that meant a lot to him. I represented him for Social Security disability and Michigan…

      2+ years ago


    A Memorandum of Understanding has been developed between the Social Security Administration and the Association of Administrative Law Judges (AALJ), the Social Security Administrative Law Judge’s union.
    ALJs can volunteer to hold in person hearings as of May 4th. All ALJs must do so as of June 3rd.
    Everyone who enters the Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) must complete a screening questionnaire and wear a mask. Only ALJs, Claimants, parents of minor Claimants & representatives will be allowed in the hearing room. Presumably, vocational experts, medical advisors & reporters will work remotely for the time being.
    Hearing offices will also provide opportunities for distancing, plexiglass barriers between ALJs and others in the room, enhanced cleaning measures and HEPA filtration. ALJs will be provided with face shields but will not be required to wear them.
    The ability to have remote hearings either by either by Microsoft TEAM or telephone will be preserved for Claimants preferring that option. Those who have previously selected a remote hearing option will have the ability to switch to a in person hearing, so long as the ALJ agrees.

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    • State Bar of Michigan
    • Washtenaw County Bar Association
    • National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives

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