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    • In the third republican presidential debate, held recently in Miami, FL, candidates offered varying viewpoints on how to address the long term viability of the Social Security trust funds. Former governors, Chris Christie & Nikki Haley are supporting a means test for eligibility for retirement benefits. Florida governor, Ron DeSantis & South Carolina senator, Tim…

      3+ weeks ago
    • As the congress is mired in a problem of its own making, the looming debt ceiling limit isn’t likely to get addressed because there isn’t a speaker of the house of representatives. This problem isn’t likely to be resolved soon and that means the funding for the social security administration isn’t likely to be fixed…

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    • Summer 2021 Newsletter STILL STANDING…AND PRACTICING I published the first issue of Social Security & You in Spring of 1993.  Some years I’ve published more issues than others.  The most recent issue was dated Spring 2019: over 2 years ago.  The world was a much different place then.  Especially for me.  Read the full newsletter…

      2+ years ago
    • Spring 2019 Newsletter An Opioid Story I’ve changed his name. Let’s call him Gerald. He was a laborer. And by that I don’t mean that he just did physical work. He was a card-carrying member the Labor’s Union local. And that meant a lot to him. I represented him for Social Security disability and Michigan…

      4+ years ago

    SOCIAL SECURITY 2024 COLA is 3.2%

    Due to inflation, the Consumer Price Index (CPI-W) for 2023 led to a substantial Cost of Living Adjustment of 8.7%. As inflation has dipped considerably the hike for 2024 will only be 3.2%.
    The CPI-W is measured from the third quarter of 2022 through the third quarter of 2023.
    The estimated average SS benefit all retired workers in 2024 will be $1,907, after the increase, up from $1,848 this year.

    The average for a retired couple will be $3,033, up from $2,939.
    The average disabled worker will receive $1,537, up from $1,489.
    The amount necessary to earn a quarter of coverage for 2024 will be $1,730. The threshold for Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) in 2024 will be $1,550 per month.

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    • State Bar of Michigan
    • Washtenaw County Bar Association
    • National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives

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